Health Benefits of Vitamin D Supplementation

Vitamin D is the No. 1 supplement and unless you are lucky enough to live on the equator where the sun is more-often-than-not overhead, you are likely to be lacking in Vitamin D to some degree.

Working much like a hormone it actively influences each cell in the body. It  has even been proven to support nerve function, help memory and mental sharpness and help with calcium assimilation and bone well-being.

So it’s true that Vitamin D really plays a lot of essential roles within the body and should be considered a vital nutrient for the normal function of many bodily systems.

A few studies have actually demonstrated that it can decrease the danger of tumour, including bosom, colon, prostate, leukaemia, lymphoma and melanoma. This in no way suggest that it can cure or treat these diseases, but that an optimal Vitamin D intake has been linked to a reduced risk of incidence.

Anyone that has a Vit D deficiency is more likely to suffer from  ‘danger of death’ from any cause, and also higher danger of problems after any medical surgery.

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