Contract Manufacturing

The chances are that you may already have seen some of the products we manufacture either online or on the shelves of your local health nutrition store; and if you’re thinking about starting you own health or sports nutrition brand we can help.

Whichever sector of the market you are looking to target we can help you from the very inception of your idea all the way to getting your product on the shelves.

We can help develop the product giving advice on potential ingredients and formulations, advise and design branding, packaging, labelling and even website design and potential routes to market.

We have everything in house so there’s no need to go anywhere else which ensures a simple cohesive process from start to finish.

Because of our range of industry leading machines, we can cater from short runs for research and development purposes all the way up to multi-million unit runs whether this be tablets, capsules, or loose powders.

Once we’ve made your product we can package it in to pots, bags, or blister packs of your choice and label the finished product ready for sale.

Our aim is to be your ‘one stop shop’ and work with you all the way from the initial idea all the way through to the final product launch.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you launch your own range of food supplements.