Montmorency Cherry and Hypertension

Drinking Montmorency Cherry juice may be as effective as medication in reducing high blood pressure, researchers have discovered.

It has been reported that drinking the juice of Montmorency Cherry may help to lower high blood pressure

The findings of a recent study found that men with early symptoms of high blood pressure (hypertension) noticed a mean reduction of 7% after drinking Montmorency cherry (MC) juice.

Amazingly, this observation is comparable to current medications that are available to treat hypertension.

Fifteen men with early hypertension were enrolled into the study. Each man received either a 60ml dose of Montmorency Cherry concentrate or a placebo.

Cardiovascular health was assessed with arterial stiffness, blood pressure, and phenolic acid absorption assessed at the start and end of the study.

The researchers found Montmorency Cherry consumption significantly reduced blood pressure by 7 mmHg in the three hours subsequent to consuming the drink.

Improvements in cardiovascular disease risk factors were closely linked to increases in circulating protocatechuic and vanillic acid that are known to be present in this type of cherry.

“This is the first study to investigate the acute effects of Montmorency tart cherry consumption on blood pressure, arterial stiffness and microvascular vasodilation in males with early hypertension,” said Proffessor Glyn Howatson, research leader and professor in Human and Applied Physiology at Northumbria University.

“We believe these benefits might be linked to the combined actions of some of the plant compounds within the Montmorency concentrate and the positive impact they exert on vascular function.”

Montmorency Cherries are high in numerous phytochemicals including the flavonoids isorhamnetin, kaempferol, quercetin, catechin, epicatechin, procyanidins, and anthocyanins

It has previously been shown that they can attenuate inflammation, oxidative stress and accelerate exercise recovery.

Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Published online ahead of print)

Title: Effects of Montmorency tart cherry (Prunus Cerasus L.) consumption on vascular function in men with early hypertension.

Authors: Karen Keane et al.

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