Acai Berry Extract 10:1


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Acai Berry is a  dark purple fruit, similar in shape to a grape, Acai berries are considered to be one of the top superfoods offering superior nutritional value for the amount of calories they contain.

Grown in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil these berries have an extremely high anthocyanin content, a class of antioxidants found in most dark coloured fruits especially berries.

Acai Berry contains these antioxidants in far superior quantities to most other fruits, 5 times that of blueberries, and has been used medicinally by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon for thousands of years.

Due to its high content of natural antioxidants Acai Berry is considered to provide multiple health benefits and is quickly becoming an extremely popular nutritional supplement.

As well as its high antioxidant content Acai Berry contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, dietary fiber plus essential vitamins and minerals which make it a perfect source of energy and a great metabolism booster

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