Dandelion Root


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Dandelion Root  is one of the oldest medicinal herbs and can be found growing in grassy areas throughout most of the world and have multiple bright yellow petals.

The leaves, root, and juice extracted from the fresh plant, are used medicinally, as a diuretic, tonic, digestive aid and treatment for liver and kidney disorders.

Because of the supportive effects on the metabolic functions of the liver and its liver-draining effects, dandelion root helps to clear toxins from the body.

The root is used as a coffee substitute or flavour additive when roasted, the leaves can be eaten fresh in salad or dried to make tea, and the flowers used in wine making.

Dandelions contain sesquiterpene lactones, triterpenes, phenolic acids, potassium and miscellaneous proteins, sugars and pectin and the Vitamin A content of the dandelion is higher than that found in carrots.

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