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Sarcosine, also known as N-methylglycine, is a metabolite of glycine. It shares properties with both Glycine and D-Serine, though its effects are weaker.

This supplement is found almost everywhere you look. Foods such as egg yolks, turkey, ham, vegetables, and legumes all contain Sarcosine. Also, this supplement is sweet tasting and it is actually used in the creation of products like toothpaste.

Sarcosine supplementation can be used to alleviate symptoms of depression and schizophrenia, or improve cognition.

It is absorbed more reliably by the body than D-serine, which can also treat similar conditions. It’s main mechanism involves inhibiting a transporter, called GlyT1, which takes up glycine and D-serine into cells. This increases the levels of glycine and D-serine in the body and increases their effects.

This supplement has several different mechanisms of action stemming from the fact that it aids multiple metabolic processes within the human body.

One of the most interesting of these is its ability to raise testosterone levels naturally when combined with D-Aspartic Acid (DAA). This type of stack has also been added to a number of recent supplement products.

Sarcosine also acts as a type 1 glycine transporter inhibitor and agonist. This also means that supplementation will increase glycine concentrations in the brain and lead to NMDA receptor activation.


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