Micro Crystalline Cellulose


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Micro Crystalline cellulose has several applications in the pharmaceutical, food, paper and structural composites industries.

A naturally derived stabiliser and texturising agent, it is used extensively in reduced-fat sauces, dairy products (including cheese), frozen desserts, whipped toppings, and bakery products.

Micro Crystalline Cellulose revolutionised the tablet making process because of its unique compression qualities and carrying capacity.

It compacts well under minimum compression pressures, has high binding capability, and creates tablets that are extremely hard, yet easily disintegrated. This is because the rapid drying produces aggregates of micro-crystals with many dislocations and slip planes that can fracture and realign during tableting. This deformation is primarily plastic, so bonds formed under pressure remain formed after pressure is released, making for a strong, dense tablet, with no capping.

Micro Crystalline Cellulose is also highly absorptive due to the capillary action of its surface porosity, making it possible to act as a carrier for liquids and yet retain free flowing and compression properties.

Its porosity promotes easy wetting and rapid drying of wet granulation and exhibits good volumetric flow characteristic with low lubricant demand.

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