Vitamin E


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Vitamin E can be found in a wide variety of foods. The richest sources of this vitamin would be found in plant oils such as soya, corn oil,  seed oils, olive oil, and nuts. Other good sources include: seeds and wheat germ – found in cereals and cereal products

The health benefits from taking Vitamin E comes from it’s antioxidant properties, preventing the fatty cell membranes from becoming oxidised and therefore, helping to prevent blood clots and thrombosis. It also has anti-inflammatory actions, improving wound healing, and is commonly used as a supplement to improve dry skin and treat the symptoms of PMS. It helps to maintain healthy skin, eyes and strengthens the immune system.

Immunity levels are said to greatly improve when it is consumed.

Another important benefit of taking this vitamin is that it reduces cholesterol.

Research has suggested that this vitamin is useful for heart health and general immune function.

Vitamin E and its analogs are used to prevent and repair cell and tissue damage during radiation therapy.

The use of vitamin E in the treatment of some cancers is beneficial.

Signs of deficiency include easy bruising, slow wound healing, varicose veins, loss of muscle tone and infertility.

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