Methyl Tyramine


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Methyl tyramine sounds like a mouthful but this compound is absolutely incredible for energy and fat-burning

Many studies have found that NMT can increase cGMP and cAMP. cAMP is important because an increase means you can get large amounts of epinephrine and glucagon naturally! This is a major part of your body’s energy equation – and as we know, creating energy  means burning fat when using a proper diet

The increase in focus and energy makes N-methyltyramine well suited to use in pre-workout formulations.

N-Methyltyramine has been popularly used in pre workout supplements as a stimultant like DMAA, caffeine, and fat burner. Stimulant and weight loss are its two main benefits. N-Methyl-Tyramine is a Beta Receptor Agonist that can help you burn fat effectively and safely.

Many fat loss supplements focus on this beta receptor because its main function is lipolysis. NMT burns fat right off from your adipose tissue and improve your mental cognition as well.


It’s a naturally occurring compound coming from sources such as barley and Citrus aurantium (bitter orange). The extract is obtained from immature fruits to get a sufficient amount.

It is quite widely distributed in plants and studies of the Acacia species have shown the presence of significant levels of NMT in their leaves.

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